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Art: Dear God No! Done
2/6/13 Source: Corlen Krueger

Another fun project wrapped up for non other than James Bickert the Director of  Dear God No! This was a really fun piece to do as I was given allot of freedom. I have also been given permission to do a limited poster run as well so look out for those, the posters will be hand silk screened like my other posters, but it will also have a Impalers approved stamp on the print as well , as if the Impalers themselves give this print the thumbs up.


Review: Dear God No! UK DVD
2/2/13 Source: Dread Central

With this unrepentant homage to the nastier side of ’70s Grindhouse exploitation flicks, director James Bickert introduces us to one particularly ruthless set of badass bikers calling themselves “The Impalers”. Living up to their gang name, when these guys aren’t raping and murdering busloads of nuns, they’re busy getting loaded, antagonising rival gangs, murdering cops and shooting up strip clubs — y’know, everything that a couldn’t give a fuck band of bearded brigands ought to spend their time doing!


Interview: James Bickert
2/1/13 Source: Horror Society

‘Dear God No!’ was one of the most entertaining films I saw in 2012. With it’s potent brew of bikers, Nazi scientists, gore, nudity, and Bigfoot, it struck a chord with some and horrified others (especially in the UK, for some reason). Here’s a Q and A I did with writer/director/Man About Town, James Bickert.


Review: Dear God No!
1/14/13 Source: Reluctant Geek (UK)

Dear God No! is a true exploitation film. This is a tribute to 1976 when the genre was going strong, it’s a pure grindhouse and drive-in feast of blood, guts, nudity and babes. There’s violence galore and a complete disregard for the politically correct. The feel of this film as well as the content is raw. Shot entirely on SUPER 16MM Fuji film and using equipment from the seventies this looks dated. It is the sort of thing Tarantino has created before but this is the real deal with spots and lines appearing on the screen.


Review: Dear God No!
1/2/13 Source: Andy Erupts (UK)

I fucking love writing for AndyErupts. Mainly because I get to watch little gems like Dear God No! every now and again. Dear God No! is a tribute to my personal favourite horror sub-genre of yore, ‘Grindhouse’. It was shot entirely on Super 16MM Fuji Film just like they did in the seventies which gives that nice gritty look that’s present in these films. Dear God No! is written and directed by James Bickert who also stars as ‘Rusty Stache’ (love the name). He stars along side main cast of Jett Bryant, Madeline Brumby, Paul McComiskey, Olivia LaCroix, Shane Morton, Johnny Collins and Nik Morgan.


Review: Dear God No!
1/9/13 Source: Flick Feast (UK)

Dear God No! is another in what is fast becoming a long line of modern attempts to make a sleazy, grimy, exploitation movie. A grindhouse film. For fans of that particular kind of genre fare, it’s a very good slice of over the top madness. It’s full of bikers, babes, bullets and bloodshed,  AKA the usual, and it certainly doesn’t skimp on the gore front.


Dear God No!’s James Bickert-The Sinful Celluloid Interview
1/7/13 Source: Sinful Celluloid

James Bickert is set to blow modern exploitation to an all new level! Armed with a film love and knowledge that rivals anyone in Hollywood, his love of films and film making comes
through on screen minute by minute. if you haven’t seen “Dear God No!”, you haven’t seen one of BEST films of 2012 and an experience guaranteed to blow your mind! it’s the interview you’ve been waiting for. James Bickert chats up Sinful Celluloid and the 13 Question Marks of Horror!


Review: Dear God No!
1/8/13 Source: Horror Cult Films (UK)

DEAR GOD NO! follows outlaw motorcyle gang, The Impalers, who terrorise, rape and murder their way through the state of Georgia. When their quest for blood and babes takes them to a secluded cabin in the woods owned by an anthropologist conducting research, the hairy, boozed-up bikers get more than they bargain for with a flesh-eating killer creature on the loose.
Dear God No! has been on the lips of many a horror film fan for months and finally witnessing the 2 Disc Impaler Edition DVD, I can see why. With the opening scene depicting a hairy biker ruthlessly kicking a dead nun in her blood-splattered nether regions and another opening up the throttle, causing the rear tyre of his motorcycle to spin and grind away at the sister’s corpse, you just know this film is gonna be a shocking treat!


The 1st Annual Master Gio Awards
1/2/13 Source: Words from the Master

Best Nude Scene in a Movie- Dear God No! Madeline Brumby’s Striptease- There some good nudes in this insane and awesome movie, but Madeline Brumby’s striptease is my favorite. It’s a memorable scene that had me drooling, happily!

Best Gore, Overall, in a Movie- Dear God No!- While, there were lots of good gore moments in lots of movies, the kick ass Dear God No! had the best amount and the most over-the-top, including a dude getting choked with his own guts!! You just can’t fuckin beat that!!


The Best Of 2012: The Year Pauline Broke…
1/1/13 Source: Blood Sprayer

2. Dear God No! (Big World Pictures)-The indie horror circuit was dealt a hand of awesome when these Georgia based lunatics decided to bring their fucked up ideas to life.  Dear God No! is every insane concept the drive-in universe ever birthed into existence.  The movie is made better knowing that these fellas live and breathe it.  James Bickert and his gang are the real deal.  DGN! had our staff tight in the pants and I suspect they will continue to do so with the rest of the sleaze lovers the world over.


Wildside Cinema’s “The Best of 2012″
1/1/13 Source: Wildside Cinema

There are no cheesy winks, no hammy inside jokes for today’s savvy viewers; James Bickert’s DEAR GOD NO! is about as genuine an exploitation film as one is likely to find hailing from the ’10s. The budget may be low but there’s plenty of high-quality sleaze without all that unnecessary “cool” that filmmakers insist on delivering. True exploitation shouldn’t fuel hipster coffee house chatter. Sure, everybody’s net-riding DGN!’s dick right now but it’s for good reason, it’s an honest, ugly, offensive and downright fun film. What’s not to like about outlaw bikers, rape, gore and Bigfoot? Don’t be a bitch and download, give Bickert his props and pennies for a job well done.


Cinesploitation’s Best of 2012
1/1/13 Source: Cinesploitation

Twenty-twelve was a great year for genre films and its fans. The uprising of the high definition Blu-ray really hit its stride therefore giving us lots more to enjoy and these films never looked better. Thanks to all of the great companies, filmmakers and fans that made 2012 a stellar year for movies! Now on with the presentations…

Podcast: Dear God No! Voted Best film of 2012
12/29/13 Source: Exorcast



In Review: Dear God No! on DVD
12/4/12 Source: New Empress Magazine

James Bickert has written and directed a love letter to sleazy seventies cinema and grindhouse biker films in his first solo feature film.  Full of the bad taste synonymous with exploitation and from the co-creator of the Troma film Dumpster Baby it is no surprise this film doesn’t hold back on blood, boobs and brutality. Bickert also manages to dispense a cautionary tale about religion, science and pollution and gets the grimy ambience of this type of cinema completely correct.


Goofin’ On Saskratch: Dear God No! (2011)
10/26/12 Source: Slashers, Starlets and Sleaze: An Exploration of Horror and Exploitation Cinema

It’s safe to say that a flick that opens with a gang of bikers offing a priest and nuns in spectacular fashion just might not take itself too seriously. It is pretty much a biker gang run amok in set pieces of various exploitation film motifs. There is nunsploitation, some naziploitation, some of that uncomfortable 70′s sleaze feel like what can be found in THE TRIP and BLOOD MANIA, and of course plenty of bikersploitation. There is murder, drugs, drink, rape, any of the myriad things you expect from a biker flick and more. James Bickert brings us a shit ton of sleazy goodness with this trashploitation gem DEAR GOD NO.


10/25/12 Source: Zombie Hamster

The terror that swept America has finally found a home on the far side of the Atlantic, thanks to Monster Pictures UK, who will release the movie on January 14th 2013. James Bickert’s 16mm exploitation extravaganza Dear God No! is a loving homage to the classic biker, sexploitation and monster features which lit up the drive in screens across the world so many years ago. The Impalers are the most reprehensible biker gang in the Tri State area, one who have raped, robbed and butchered a path across the highways. The movie opens with the gang waking up after a night of debauchery, the ground on which they slept is strewn with beer cans, drug paraphernalia and dead nuns. This is nothing out of the ordinary for the gang who proceed to make their way towards a local hangout to have a sit down with the Satan’s Own crew.


CUT! Dear God No!
10/10/12 Source: Bizarre Magazine

DEAR GOD NO! comes on like a full-tilt sleazy and uberviolent, ’70s grindhouse flick, a badass orgy of bikers, babes and Bigfoot – yup, you read right, fucking Bigfoot! When an outlaw biker gang hellbent on raping and murdering everything in their path, have a blood-drenched run-in with a rival club, they end up hiding out in a secluded mountain cabin. Continuing their reign of depravity with said cabin’s occupants, they find themselves flung into a living nightmare. 4 STARS.


REVIEW & FOOD: Cannibal Kitchen DEAR GOD NO!
9/25/12 Source: Zombies Don’t Run

I will always have a special place in my heart for Grindhouse style films. I don’t care how raunchy they can get, there’s something about being scared one second and laughing in horror the next that I just love. Dare I say that lately I’d almost rather sit through a film like this verses a zombie flick. I’m sure this is the moment some of you attempt to throw stones “through” your computer in hopes of thumping me in the head, however, I stand firm on my current feeling of zombie unenthusiasm. (Unless they finally come out with a Zombieland 2 of course…and Bill Murray’s in it) So onto Dear God NO!, a film many people don’t want to admit they like


9/15/12 Source: The Independent Critic

Having just arrived on home video on June 5th, Dear God No! is cinematic nirvana for low-budget horror fans who prefer their movies filled with murder, mayhem and completely devoid of anything resembling politically correct. Dear God No! is a biker flick, beastie flick, sex flick and torture porn flick all rolled into one seriously bad ass horror film with bikers, bullets, boobs, blood beer and Bigfoot. That’s right. Bigfoot.


REVIEW: Frankenstein Created Bikers, An Upcoming Grindhouse Movie, By The Creators of Dear God No
9/15/12 Source: Rusty Knuckles

There haven’t been too many exploitation films that give a surefire nod to the biker classics of the 60′s and up the ante on the genre king Russ Meyer, but damn if the fellas at Big World Pictures aren’t at home plate swingin’ for the bleachers. The grindhouse genre of exploitation will always be an underground place to mine for ideas, as it deals with recluses, vagrants, and characters whose grit can be explained easier by the coarseness of sandpaper compared to their depth of their actions. It’s in the fringe element of these worlds, which captivates mainstream society and television networks have made billions off of the true watered down stories.


REVIEW:  Dear God No
9/15/12 Source: The Colorado Springs Independent

If you have any type of human decency, you will not watch Dear God No!. It is pure vile trash that has absolutely zero redeeming social value and should be banned in at least 37 countries. Luckily, I have very little human decency left, so I found the bloody biker bash to be a hysterically entertaining grindhouse-throwback that proudly shoves a big, thick middle finger down the viewer’s throat. A tribute to the sleazy 1960s/’70s biker flicks, the Impalers are a trashy, bloodthirsty group of drugged-up hellions that race along the countryside, killing everything that stands in their way. When the home invasion of a kindly old scientist goes real gone, daddy-o, the bikers find themselves offed one-by-one thanks to a really pissed-off Sasquatch. Combining every outré film cliché with a Troma-esque hatred of the mainstream, Dear God No! is a helluva good time that every God-fearing American should avoid!


8/8/12 Source: Ravenous Monster

James Bickert’s DEAR GOD NO! is not fun for the whole family, it’s not the feel-good movie of the year, nor is it a movie to enjoy on date night.  In fact, unless you’re a member of the coveted 18-34-year-old demographic, male and in the presence of others who are likewise members of the marketers’ Holy Grail, it’s safest to watch DEAR GOD NO! alone.  However, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a sucker for Budweiser commercials or you can’t resist the exciting ads for Metamucil, you’ll enjoy this flick provided you appreciate the long and storied history of the cinematically strange.


8/7/12 Source: Imagen en Negativo (Spanish)

Del director de Dumpster Baby y Mondo Bondo, nos llega ahora la indescriptible Dear God No!, una perversa y alucinante destilación de temas extraídos del “mejor” cine de explotación setentero. Esto fue lo que intentaron hacer Quentin Tarantino en Death Proof, y Rob Zombie en The Devil’s Rejects; sin embargo el director James Bickert es el artículo genuino, y por lo tanto logró crear una joya de mal gusto y depravación con mínimo dinero y nula influencia de Hollywood (y nulo sentido común, lo cual solo hace la experiencia más deliciosa).


8/4/12 Source: I Love Celluloid

Any movie that contains one of the major ‘B’s’ is good in my book, but a movie that contains all 4 of the major ‘B’s’ is a sure fire hit.  The 4 major ‘B’s’ are ‘BIKERS,’ ‘BLOOD,’ ‘BOOBS’ and the most important, ‘BIGFOOT.’  In addition to that, there’s strippers in Nixon masks, rude hand gestures, slaughtered nuns, bars that serve tampons, rape, killing, swearing, political incorrectness, beards, awful dialogue, terrible acting, Nazis, gore, crazy mad Scientists, beer, drug use, explosions, guns, psychedelia and to top it all off – litter.  That’s right, the criminals in this movie even drop litter.  This nasty piece of Grindhouse, exploitation trash is not only bad for our sanity, but it’s also bad for the environment.


7/27/12 Source: Rue Morgue

With Dear God No! finally released on DVD and Blu-ray, director James Bickert is flying high on the nostalgic waves of drive-in cinema as he dives head first into making the second installment of his biker-exploitation trilogy, Frankenstein Created Bikers. Thrilled by the promise of a horror mash-up of historical proportions, I got a hold of Mr. Bickert to discuss his experiences, influences and endeavours, past and present.


7/24/12 Source: Fangoria

No one could ever accuse the filmmakers behind biker exploitation throwback DEAR GOD, NO! of subtlety, or restraint. That unabashed bad taste apparently also applies to their marketing efforts as, in a scheme right out of the Japanese vending machine industry, Big World Pictures is offering fans a chance to win a pair of screen-used panties, sopping with stage blood and peeled directly off the posterior of GOD star Madeline Brumby.


7/23/12 Source:

Greedy noses rejoice! They survived bikers, waterfalls and Bigfoot! Will they survive your untamed thirst? The smut peddlers behind the cult drive-in throwback DEAR GOD NO! are proud to announce an exciting new contest offering the raincoat crowd a chance to win the bloody screen used panties of glamorous exploitation star Madeline Brumby. Stripped off her bare naked figure at an undisclosed exotic location and sealed for maximum freshness these undies promise all the heavenly taboos needed to fill the darkest of carnal desires. By purchasing any item off the Big World Pictures Ebay store from July 23rd to September 23rd, perverts will automatically be entered in a chance to own, wear and fondle a soiled piece of sin-sational cinematic history.


7/17/12 Source: DVD Verdict

Do you want to see a biker kick a (possibly dead) nun in the crotch? Do you want to see it in a kind of pseudo-Seventies grainy/damaged film style? If so, then Dear God No! is for you. Really, that’s all the review this film needs (and some might say deserves). If you want to see bikers behaving badly and a mashup of Seventies exploitation tropes, then Dear God No! delivers. It’s not an experience everyone will enjoy, but for aficionados, it’s perfect.


7/17/12 Source: Cool Awesome Movies

Can you believe it? I heard about “Dear God No!” months ago. I said to myself, “Dude, you gotta see this when it comes out!” It was one of those titles I constantly kept an attentive eye on, awaiting the official release. And then I get an e-mail from the filmmakers asking if I’d want to review this exact same film! I was, like, “Hell yeah, I would!” So I’d like to use this occasion, and before I begin with my write-up, to thank the guys and gals at Big World Pictures for being kind enough to send the DVD all the way to Croatia! You’re awesome!


DEAR GOD NO! Action Figure Giveaway!!!
Guts and Grog’s contest part two: The Pajamma Jam
7/12/12 Source: Guts & Grog

So after the success of the Critters and Gods contest for the 2 Headed Shark print I asked grog contributor and custom action figure extraordinaire Jacob Von Klingele to make me up a figure to give to you baddasses. I got it last night and holy shit is the winner of this gonna be one lucky sumbitch. You have all heard of last years bad ass biker opus “Dear God No!” I along with pretty much every other trusted writer on the web were blown away by this beast. If you don’t remember here is my review after seeing it in the theater last year.   Well Jacob Von Klingele was also more than excited with this film and has put together one of the most unique figures you are likely to have on your shelf. This is a one of a kind item and only the winner will have it. After much debate he went with the Nixon stripper as even with a minor role she sticks in your head and stands out right on the beautiful poster the “Dude” designed for it.


7/10/12 Source: Terror Hook

In Director James Anthony Bickert’s Grindhouse homage, DEAR GOD NO!, “The Impalers” are a ruthless motorcycle gang. Lead by their menacing leader, Jett, “The Impalers” have made their way across the state of Georgia, raping and killing just about anyone in their sights. After their latest bloodbath at a local bar, Jett and the other “Impalers’ seek to escape the carnage and the law. They end up following a young couple to a cabin home out in the woods. The home belongs to Dr. Marco and his shy, sheltered daughter Edna. Dr. Marco is quite the eccentric type, who has been routinely running various wild and wacky experiments – with his latest discovery being a virus that can either cause dementia, or mutate. “The Impalers” soon host a hostage situation consisting of both rape and murder, but just when they think that this is just another day at the “office”, a couple of Dr. Marco’s grisly experiments show up to make the party any even bloodier one!


7/6/12 Source: Ain’t It Cool News

Though this film as is wicked at they come, there is one redeeming quality that would make me recommend it to readers of this column: everything with Bigfoot in DEAR GOD NO! is rock solid gold. When I first started watching this film, I was wondering if it was taking itself seriously. Was this one of those biker films, filmed by a biker, not knowing how ridiculous he is making bikers look by filming them doing this stupid shit that they think is cool? But as the story went on, the seriousness of the crimes the starring biker gang commits made me forget all of that and DEAR GOD NO! became something more akin to an I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE or STRAW DOGS. But just when I started to settle into the fact that this film is going to make me wince at the atrocities that are put upon the bikers’ victims, muther fuckin’ Bigfoot shows up and that’s when DEAR GOD NO! gets amazing.

A gang of bikers go on a rampage. They kill a cop. They kill a kid. They kill a strip bar full of old men and strippers wearing Nixon masks. When they accidentally let a couple get away from them, the gang tracks the couple to a house in the woods where a scientist and his shrew-like daughter live in solitude. What they don’t know is that the house in the wood holds terrible secrets, but when they begin to raise some hell and do some raping, they find out the hard way that there are much hairier things in the woods than their chins.

The crimes here are heinous. The rapes are not as resonant, mainly because we don’t get to know the women that well as we did with I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, but still, the scene where the bikers rape, kill, and disembowel a pregnant woman is hard to stomach. If anything, these scenes make you cheer all the more when Sasquatch shows up.

Now, I know saying that Bigfoot shows up is a spoiler, but since it’s written on the cover, I don’t really feel bad talking about it. Though the tone shifts back and forth from deadly serious to camp, the film really finds its place when Bigfoot appears. The gore is upped ten notches. And so is the comedy, as the bikers are caught completely unaware and a situation they thought they had a steel-toed boot on is all of a sudden ripping out their innards and lopping off heads. The final scenes of DEAR GOD NO! will have you out of your seat and cheering, I guarantee.

I recommend this film for the last half hour alone as all sense and reason is thrown out the window. Everything from ultimate gross out gore to Nazi science, Nixon strippers, all kinds of gnarly biker violence, deviant S&M, a hick conspiracy nut, and of course Bigfoot are the mismatched ingredients that make up this odd little movie. Not for the squeamish and most assuredly if your girlfriend/wife/whatever is preganant not for her, but for the Bigfoot moments alone, DEAR GOD NO! is downright fantastic.


7/4/12 Source: Rogue Cinema

In the time following the release of the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez double feature film Grindhouse, independent cinema has seen a surge of modern exploitation films that look to duplicate the look and vibe of the classic eras of traditional American genre cinema. Namely the seventies and eighties are the main points of focus for such filmmakers, which makes sense because it was probably the most productive and original that horror and exploitation cinema has ever been. Unfortunately, in an attempt to inspire nostalgia, these filmmakers often forget to bring the one element to the table that made films such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre so special: the originality. In duplicating films of the past, these filmmakers forget to bring their own original twists to the table. While Dear God No! is certainly guilty of doing this as much as anyone, it does manage to find a hint of originality in terms of where it draws its influences. Drawing upon the world of biker cinema, bigfoot-sploitation, and some of the most extreme examples of Italian horror, Dear God No! is a odd feature that may very well catch on with a bloodthirsty audience that is looking for something peculiar.


6/28/12 Source: Electric Schlock

Sometimes I get so excited over a movie it’s nothing short of a letdown when I finally am able to see it. I can think of a dozen or so movies in last decade that the official trailer was better than the actual film. I started worrying that this would be the case for Director James Bickert’s old school exploitation throwback “Dear God No!”  Months ago I saw the trailer for the film while browsing movie sites. From the beginning I knew this had to be something special. I’ve been fortunate enough to speak with the director a few different times about getting a copy of the official retail DVD, he came through as promised. So, could it have possibly lived up to my expectations?

Oh hell yes.


6/28/12 Source: Rotten Cotton

In this day and age, it’s cool to be seen as a modern day exploitation flick. And it seems that more times than not people are so concerned with fitting that mold that it comes off fake and forced. It may or may not be the fault of the people who make the films, but having “film damage” and a lot of curse words don’t make your film seem like a real grindhouse film. However, the independent film world got a gem on DVD on June 5th of this year with James Bickert’s Dear God No! The thing that makes Dear God No! so damn good is it’s not TRYING to be hip. This isn’t a film that is blatantly throwing 1970 style clichés at your face trying to make you believe it’s something it’s not. This is a film that is simply what it is. This is a film that is very genuine and VERY in your face. It is a true modern day grindhouse film. And best of all it’s a film that gives off a vibe that says, “We don’t give a fuck!”. There is simply nothing forced about it.


Tom “The Dude” Hodge Rocks ‘Frankenstein Created Bikers’, Poster Revealed for DGN! Sequel

6/27/12 Source: Brutal As Hell

It’s a general rule around these parts that we DO NOT publish articles announcing poster art for a film. To our editorial staff, for which I’m the EIC, doing so is considered hyping up a film, playing to the marketing machine, etc. We try to play fair and only support films we’ve seen and love and want you to see. But we don’t live in a black and white world and once in a while some poster art comes along that actually lives up to its title, putting an emphasis on “art”. On these rare occasions the art is so compelling that you want to see the film no matter what anyone says. Such is the case with nearly every artistic effort that flows forth from the mind of Tom Hodge. I’ve got a few of his posters in my house now and I’d REALLY like to add this one to my collection.


6/23/12 Source: Wicked Channel

Looking at the cover art to this film it would be easy to dismiss this as a cheap knock off on the 1970’s exploitation era of biker films? While you may be a little on base, when you start to watch this film you will soon realize that this film is so much more than that. Dear God No tells two separate stories that will eventually merge as one. Story one is a biker gang that does thing their way, and seems to either rape or kill anyone who seems opposed to that way. Their actions are tasteless, violent, cruel and let’s be honest really fucked up. They would kill a family member if they felt the need, and would not think twice about it. When a deal at a strip club goes wrong, which leads to one of the funniest and just all out awesome gun fights I have seen in quite a while, which involves strippers with dead president masks and all seem to have guns.


6/22/12 Source: Independent Flicks

Rating: 6 out of 7. It´s easily one of the best in the new wave grindhouse flicks that has come the last few years (Machete, Hobo With a Shotgun and so on) and does it on a fraction of what those films cost to make. It´s brutal, sleazy, mean spirited and very entertaining. Check it out!


6/16/12 Source: the 13th Wolfman


6/6/12 Source: Fangoria

As the skuzzy brutal biker exploitation tale DEAR GOD NO! rip its way onto DVD this week, director James Bickert is prepping their big screen return and once again enlisted one of modern poster art’s giants to help prepare the world. Head below for the exclusive premiere of Tom Hodge’s, aka The Dude Designs (THE INNKEEPERS, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN), NSFW advance poster for FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS, and all the details on how you can let The Impalers into your house today.


6/6/12 Source: Horror Web

Shot on film, Dear God No has the greasy, dirty feel of the great drive-in exploitation films of the 70s. It includes everything that made these scummy opuses so great, upping the cheap thrills ante to include more blood, more boobs and more bizarreness than a daisy chain of Herschel Gordon Lewis, Dave Friedman and Andy Milligan could ever dream of. But Dear God No is hardly an artsy homage to 70s exploitation. It’s the real thing, more extreme, more twisted, sicker, funnier and crazier than nearly anything that’s ever botch-slapped the silver screen before. Unlike a lot of 70s grindhouse fare, though, Dear God No never has time to be boring or get stale. Long biker montage scenes are creatively shot so they never devolve into the kind of tired filler that Corman biker epics were known for. A seemingly endless scene with topless dancers in Nixon masks is still too short for my money. The characters are so sleazily fascinating that you never get tired of any of them, and deliver some of the most politically incorrect dialogue you’ll ever hear. And the girls are all good-looking, so what do you want from life?


In Search of Bigfoot at Rock n Roll Monster Bash 2012 and the DEAR GOD! NO! DVD Release Party!
6/2/12 Source: Atlanta Retro

We can’t say where you’ll find a Sasquatch in the actual woods, but we’re damned sure that you can spot BIGFOOT, one of Atlanta’s most badass and hard-edged rock bands, twice in the next few days right here. First they’ll be grinding their guitars at Sunday June 3 at the 10th annual Rock n Roll Monster Bash 2012 at the Starlight Drive-In (gates open at 10 a.m.). Then Tuesday June 5, BIGFOOT headlines the DVD release party for DEAR GOD NO!, the home-grown grindhouse film that’s been turning heads and stomaches all across the nation and stars BIGFOOT front-man Jett Bryant.


6/1/12 Source: Exorcast

On this weeks episode we review Paul Champion’s The Devils Rock, Richard Elfman’s cult classic Forbidden Zone, The Twisted Twins Jen and Sylvia Soska’s Dead Hooker In A Trunk, James Bickert’s new exploitation film Dear God No! We deliver Last Rites to Joe D’Amato’s sequel to Antropophagus, Horrible (Absurd). We also respond to Zombie’s Don’t Podcasts Adam Green episode and Vincent rants about Troma, Astron-6 and Father’s day!


Big World Pictures to release “DEAR GOD NO!” DVD On June 5th

ATLANTA – May 17, 2012 – Independent genre label Big World Pictures has announced their first release will be the award winning 70s drive-in tribute DEAR GOD NO! arriving on DVD June 5th, with an arsenal of bonus features that include:
·    Anamorphic 16:9 transfer from Super 16mm Negative
·    Theatrical Trailer
·    Behind the Scenes
·    Zombie Apocalypse Canadian Theatrical Promo
·    Torture Porn Parody Promo for The South Alabama Film Festival
·      Commentary with writer/director James Bickert & composer Richard Davis
·    Commentary with actors Jett Bryant, Madeline Brumby and Shane Morton
·    Still gallery & poster art slideshow from the set, theatrical screenings and film festivals
·    Six hidden Easter eggs
Hailed as an “unapologetic homage to classic grindhouse cinema” by, DEAR GOD NO! was shot on Super 16MM film, using equipment from the era, to ensure an authentic throwback to 70’s exploitation films. The film follows outlaw motorcycle gang The Impalers through a murder spree that ends in a home invasion gone terribly wrong when they attack two graduate students, a disgraced Anthropologist and his teenage daughter.  A demonic creature in the woods, a deadly secret in the basement, rivers of blood and abundant nudity add to the surprises that are sure to thrill genre fans. Dear God No! features original music by The 45′s, The Biters, The Booze and poster/DVD artwork by The Dude Designs.
DEAR GOD NO! was released theatrically in 2011 to rave reviews from horror enthusiasts and critics as well as festivals, taking home honors that include:
-      Winner Best Exploitation Film – Arizona Underground Film Festival 2011, Tucson, Ariz.
-      Winner Best Exploitation Film – Pollygrind 2011, Las Vegas, Nev.
-      Winner Audience Award Best Feature Film – Pollygrind 2011, Las Vegas, Nev.
-      Winner Audience Award Best Feature Film – Corpsedance International Horror Film Festival 2011, Raleigh, N.C.
-      Winner Audience Award Best Feature Film  – Zinema Zombiefest 2011, Bogota, Colombia
DEAR GOD NO! is Big World Pictures’ signature launching title for a series of films currently  in pre-production appealing to nostalgic collectors yearning to see fun genre trash shot on film.
“We’re looking to produce, unearth and distribute a specific type of film that reminds us of the wonderful American drive-ins of the 70s and 80s. DEAR GOD NO! is the perfect piece of cinema to kick start this venture and usher in a wave of throwback films reminiscent of those we would have seen in a triple feature under the stars with our best girl on a hot summer night,” says Founder James Bickert.
Big World Pictures is currently in pre-production for the forthcoming FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS and REBEL HELL. The company plans to continue shooting on film with vintage cameras and providing the outrageous entertainment audiences loved from DEAR GOD NO!
“We’re trying to avoid the zombie and paranormal craze and offer audiences an alternative reel of fun retro flicks. We call it suds cinema that leads to a party breaking out with your friends. We’ll be diving into Hicksploitation, Girl Gangs and bringing back the monster suit. Our mission is to make the films we always wanted to see with no compromises and hope they find an audience.”
Preorder the DEAR GOD NO! DVD today on, Diabolik DVD and visit for film reviews and additional details.

5/16/12 Source: Blog of the Beast

At this year’s Texas Frightmare Weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a Midnight screening of ‘Dear God No!’, an amazing biker/mad Nazi scientist/Sasquatch movie (yes, you read that right) written and directed by James Bickert, and it was the most fun I’ve ever had at a screening.  Bickert was in attendance, as were most of the actors (those who portrayed The Impalers wore their colors). Free beer was at hand ( I already had my own, but it was nice to see), as well as some truly cool touches, such as packets of Bigfoot hair from the monster suit in the film, as well as a certificate stating that you survived the screening without contracting any diseases or crabs. These goodies are truly of the Drive-In/B-Movie tradition, recalling when genre flicks would have things like life insurance policies and blood packets to hand out to the patrons.

As for the film, I absolutely loved it. ‘Dear God No!’ is gleefully violent, offensive, and over the top. Filmed in 16mm, it actually has the look and feel of the type of film it pays homage to. And unlike some other films that attempt to emulate the Grindhouse/Drive-In style of exploitation film, this one pulls out all the stops…violence, blood, monsters, and copious amounts of nudity of the female variety are on display here…and frankly, nudity is where most so-called ‘Grindhouse’ films fall short…if you’re gonna do it, do it right, after all…and ‘Dear God No!’ delivers in all categories.


Pour Me a Vertical Hatchet Wound: Dear God No! Review
4/7/12 Source: Blood Sprayer

Greetings, Brothers and Sisters of the Psychotronic Video World! I hope you’ve put on your big-girl panties this morning, because the film in question today is not for the weak of heart or hairless of crotch.  This is a film that’s been getting some dirty, nasty love on the convention circuit and right here at The Bloodsprayer as well.  Wes, Zach and Matt caught a screening at Cinema Wasteland, and I watched a screener copy at home as part of my research intoSasquatchploitation.  That’s right Brothers and Sisters, I’ve come before you to sing the motherfucking praises of James Bickert’s DEAR GOD NO! Now sit down and shut up, because here comes the good shit.


3/5/12 Source: Shokkend Niews (Dutch)

Start your engines! De vijf gelukzaligen die dit maal de schedel hebben gelicht hebben kaarten gewonnen voor de Grindhouse Night op donderdag 8 maart in Kriterion Amsterdam. Met als hoogtepunt de Europese première van de biker movie DEAR GOD NO! Op 8 maart tart Kriterion in Amsterdam de goede zeden met een avond vol scabreuze films en de Europese première van de biker movie DEAR GOD NO! van regisseur James Anthony Bickert. In zijn film gaat het faliekant mis met de motorbende ‘The Impalers’. Na een bloedig handgemeen met een rivaliserende bende, verstoppen de overlevende Impalers zich in een afgelegen berghut. Het onschuldige meisje dat daar opgesloten zit heeft echter de sleutel tot een kelder waar hen ongetwijfeld nog meer narigheid wacht. Lees, voor je gaat, nog even ons James Bickert interview.

Dear God No! — BadRonald Sez F&#k Yes!

3/2/12 Source: Bad Ronald

What followed was an onslaught of retro 70s grindhouse mayhem: bikers posing with the backdrop of a drive-in screen and explosions, limbs ripped in two, Bigfoot attacks on Frenken-nazis (whaaaat!) — but, wait…. they had me at gun-totting dancers with Nixon masks. Dear. God. Yes. Dear God No! director James Bickert did me an awful kindness by sending out an advanced screener of his crazy-ass mash up of genres. Holy shit did I have a good time watching this acid freakout! There have been countless films that flash the grindhouse badge, but rarely none have the actual credentials. Even the Tarantino/Rodriguez headlined titular ode — with all its “lost” reels and roughed up negative antics and CG replicated old skool FX — failed to really captured the essence of real grindhouse fare. That studio stuff was a little too tongue in cheek, and self gratifying. Where Bickert succeeded was not just in the look of the old grindhousers — shooting on 16mm Fuji film stock, and using hands on FX — but also with the mood and feel of the 60s and 70s experimental weirdo flicks.

(Incredibly) Filthy Review – Dear God No!

2/26/12 Source: The Lair of Filth

Dear God No! is a movie that I have been wanting to check out ever since I first saw the trailer a few months back. That, coupled with the lush poster that accompanied it, really whet the appetite for what I hoped would be a sleazy, violent and outrageous retro-style exploitation flick. As I have mentioned before though, and no doubt will again at some point, trailers can be misleading, in fact some companies should be sued for false advertising, but quite frankly this trailer didn’t leave all that much open to interpretation. And, to cut a long story short, the movie does deliver on the promises made.

DEAR GOD NO! (2011)

2/23/12 Source: The Daily Grindhouse

After a ten year hiatus James Bickert has returned to filmmaking. It’s not a subtle return, he’s not slowly opening the door and quietly announcing his presence; he’s kicking down the door, guns blazing, taking no prisoners, and conquering the world. DEAR GOD NO! is an unapologetic homage to classic grindhouse cinema. It walks along the jagged edge of outlaw filmmaking, walking with a brooding strut through bikesploitation, sexploitation, man-in-suit, and other genres that exploitation aficionados are going to pick up and salute. Grab your cut and get ready to roll, because DEAR GOD NO! is ready to punch your eyeballs with a fistful of cool.

Yeah, Bigfoot Made It: A Review of ‘DEAR GOD NO’

2/19/12 Source: The Liberal Dead

I’ve been hearing about the film Dear God No for nearly a year now. I don’t like to read reviews of films I’m interested in seeing for myself, so most of what I’ve read has been about journalist interaction with the creative team behind the flick at various festivals. Quite the motley crew, from what I hear. The film itself, I’ve always assumed, was a throwback to motorcycle gang exploitation films from the 70s. In a way perhaps, but as a whole, I feel as if my assumptions were way off. My initial reaction, as I shared with my Facebook friends directly after viewing the flick was, this is what you would get if a sasquatch swallowed every exploitation film ever made, and took a huge bloody dump in your face while you tripped balls. That was my first thought at the end of my viewing experience, and I find it to be an accurate recollection of the bat-shit insanity that awaits you.


2/13/12 Source: The Daily Grindhouse

In the sick and twisted world of grindhouse cinema, the biker genre is always a guaranteed good time. It just doesn’t get any better than stories stuffed with anti-heroes, hot chicks and loud bikes. Enter my man James Bickert, director of DEAR GOD NO!, a perfect piece of exploitation that is tough as nails and cool as hell. After taking a ten year break between films, Bickert decided the best way to return was to wake the neighbors by revving the engine and slapping some ass up and down the street. You Bastards are going to dig this good shit, trust me. Bickert hung out with us and dropped some verbiage on his flick. He’s also promised us that he’s already kicking ideas around for his next flick… good, because we just added him to our Watch List of directors we think are going to be punching eyeballs with a fistful of cool. Grab your cut and lets roll…

Saying Hell Yes To DEAR GOD NO
2/11/12 Source: Cinesploitation

Dear God No! is tons of offensive, over-the-top fun just like our romanticized favorite shitty movies that actually played in grindhouses. James Bickert made a movie that pulls no punches and delivers the goods; violence, tits and a nun getting kicked in the cunt. The ridiculous overacting made the characters likable but there could have been less scientific mumbo-jumbo dialogue from “Dr. Marco” played up by Paul McComiskey. My favorite though was the lead biker “Jett” played by real-life lead singer of the stoner rock band Bigfoot (coincidence?) Jett Bryant. Jett has that Southern-boy, white-trash swagger that made a cool fucking believable character. The original music by Atlanta band The Forty-Fives was perfect and could easily be in a Tarantino flick. Dear God No! is part biker flick, part monster movie and all fucking badass.

2/1/12 Source: Rufus’ House of Horror

I guess we’re stuck with these faux-grindhouse movies for a while- at least until someone figures out the formula for making a real exploitation movie that doesn’t verge on homage/parody. I don’t really know why it is, but these recent films never quite seem “real” to me. So far, Dear God No! is near the top of the heap- I enjoyed it quite a bit and almost as much as the (often unrecognized) originator of this sub-genre, Jim Van Bebber’s The Manson Family. Exactly why I enjoyed it more than something like, say, Machete I couldn’t say.

Saying Hell Yes To DEAR GOD NO

2/1/12 Source: All Things Horror

Starting with the concept of a bad ass group of bikers out on a state wide killing spree, and then tossing in a mad scientist side plot and even some Bigfoot action for good measure, James Bickert’s Dear God No plays out like a lost film from the heyday of Bikersploitation films from the seventies.

DEAR GOD NO: This is some hardcore s#*!
1/23/12 Source: Zombies Don’t Run

If you are going to name a film, Dear God No!, you gotta make sure it’s some pretty extreme stuff. And I do believe the word extreme is a perfect word to use when talking about, Dear God No!. A mix of a 70′s blood soaked exploitation films and a Troma style film, this film if nothing else packs a hell of a punch. It’s an attack on your moral sense in a lot of ways, because while some stuff is comedic, it’s also very in your face and rough. So, if you have a hard time watching some things, you might want to check your emotions and your morals at the door when you watch this kick-ass new film. A film that before it ends, might just have you shouting “Dear God No!”.

The 5 Best Flicks of 2011

12/19/11 Source: Son of Celluloid

2: Dear God No! As you can see by my top 10 here, the neo-retro-exploitation trend was a major contributing factor in genre cinema this year, and that trend produced some really good flicks. Hell, it produced some really crappy flicks too. It also produced one great flick, and that flick is Dear God No! So many films in this year tried so hard to feel authentic. Dear God No didn’t have to try. This flick IS authentic.

2011 A Year in Review

12/19/11 Source: Guts and Grog

4. Dear God No!- This movie bent me over. I was not ready for the awesome that was about to be unleashed on me when I entered the theater.

David Does The Internet PODCAST

1/8/12 Source: David Does the Internet

James Anthony Bickert, the director behind the ENTIRELY shot on Super 16mm Film grindhouse extravaganza, DEAR GOD NO! visits the podcast. He and David discuss the film, navigating through the movie business as an independent, and the decline of quality pornography.

Horrorphilia’s Top 20 Horror Movies of 2011

1/1/12 Source:

Marc’s Favorite Films of 2011

12/31/11 Source:

Dear God No! – While the vast majority of genre geeks seemed to be jerking each other off to Hobo with a Shotgun, cult horror fanatics were getting turned onto Dear God No!, which is still out there playing around wherever it can find an audience. Made without studio backing, or the big-mouthed noise of the Quentin Tarantino crowd and all those Austin hipsters who gobbled up Troll 2 like it was “cool”, Dear God No! is a biker flick that successfully employed do-it-yourself movie making techniques (while bringing in real Hollywood talents to the filmmaking team) to create a film that feels like a direct product of the 70’s. It’s brimming over with exploitation value, including topless tommygun toting Nixon strippers, a blood soaked burnout on a nun’s chest (try not to make a habit of that!), and even a psychotic Big Foot that ravages the Georgian woods.

Top 5 Feature Films of 2011

12/29/11 Source:

2. “Dear God No!” Woo! Shot completely in Super 16mm film, this flick is the truest form of exploitation film. It was so hard not to put this one as number 1!

Film Review: Dear God No!

12/19/11 Source: Master Gio

A vicious gang of murdering and raping bikers, The Impalers, invade a home after a bloody shoot out at a strip club. They hold the father, his daughter, and a couple hostage. Humiliation, rape, and murder follow, but there is something in the basement and in the woods… Sasquatch! This totally politically incorrect exploitation throw back to the 70s is an amalgam of a biker film, a home invasion flick, a Bigfoot monster movie, and even some Nazisploitation. And, in the end, it’s all fucking good!

Film Review: Dear God No!

11/13/11 Source: Brutal As Hell

There are requirements to watch certain films. For the sake of this exercise we’re going to call these requirements a cover charge. The cover charge for Dear God No! is a two-beer minimum, preferably of the cheapest, skankiest brew you can find. PBR is preferable, but any old shit mopped up off the barroom floor will do. While you’re at it – do yourself a mat shot and you’ll be my personal fuckin’ hero. If you don’t know what a mat shot is, just watch and learn. Okay, with two beers dumped down in your gullet (the quicker the better) keep the rest of that case of beer (yes a whole damn case – no one likes a lightweight!) close by and roll film.

Dear God No!: A Review

11/10/11 Source: Split Screen

It’s difficult to approach a film like Dear God No! objectively. In the vein of recent pastiches of neo-grindhouse films like Grindhouse, Hell Ride, Machete and Hobo With a Shotgun, it does a respectable job of handling less-than-appealing subject matter with humor and outrageousness, which is the point, I suppose, of this revival movement of drive-in B-movie glory. But objectively, the films that comprised that era of American cinema weren’t all great to begin with, and some of the new ones, particularly Hell Ride and Hobo With a Shotgun, fail for being entirely humorless about its subject and content, or, as is the case with the latter film, for having only that humor to stand on, providing a shabby little pedestal that threatens to collapse at any moment and send me away, screaming in horror at the waste of my existence. Thankfully, the filmmakers behind Dear God No! get enough right about their roots and their methodology that it eventually gels into a cohesive, mostly well-thought out expression of pure sophomoric and adolescent glee.

Dear God No! A Review

11/7/11 Source: Guts & Grog

I was a bit leery going into this. I mean the poster is bad fucking ass and I love sleaze/bikers/rape(only when it’s nuns, relax)/and blasphemy but the trailer while looking awesome was a bit off putting. I still of course had to go see it when I saw that we had it playing at Portland’s own grindhouse The Clinton Street Theater, plus through my years of movie watching one of the many lessons I have learned is trailers usually mean about as much to me as I did to my dad. I love trailers, let me be clear. What I am saying is I have seen some of the best trailers in the world and been bored out of my fucking head with the film or vice versa, not the one with Judge Reinhold but the saying. Well I am happy to report that the trailer, like the those crazy family radio people was wrong.

Bikers, Bigfoot & Buxom Babes in Nixon Masks With Machine Guns – DEAR GOD NO! Pushes the Limits of ’70s Exploitation

10/20/11 Source: ATL Retro

When DEAR GOD NO! launched its world premiere at the Plaza Theatre last month, the Star Bar must’ve been empty. But while cast, crew and Kickstarter contributors filled many seats, the enthusiastic crowd also included plenty of curiosity-seekers, wondering if this homegrown homage to ’70s exploitation movies could deliver the over-the-top shocks it promised. From the enthusiastic audience response, it did and then some, making even this blogger, who has a high tolerance for cult flick violence, want to shout “DEAR GOD NO! they didn’t go there!” Now those who didn’t make it out will another chance to see it on the big screen when it starts a one-week run at the Plaza Theatre this Friday Oct. 21 through Thursday Oct. 27.

Film Review: Bickert’s ‘Dear God No!’ (2011) Offers Nothing
but Gratuitous Sleaze & Ultra Violence (It’s Awesome)

10/21/11 Source: Wild Side Cinema

This is the kind of movie that is all but extinct now; a movie made by a group of friends with a camera and a few measly dollars pooled together, without a studio or production company, and distributed by driving a single print across the country from grindhouse to grindhouse. It’s amateurish, offensive, and repulsively over the top. And it’s the most fun I’ve had watching a film in a good long while. Grab a six-pack, lock the kids in the root cellar, and enjoy the goddam ride!

REVIEW: “Dear God No!”

10/18/11 Source: Much of Madness More of Sin

From the music, to the cinematography, to the look of the film itself (shot on 16mm), Bickert covered every base and created a true exploitation film. Go to facebook and ‘like’ the shit out of it and then wait patiently for the release date, which will be hopefully sooner than later. This would make the perfect first half of a double feature along with ‘Hobo With A Shotgun’. Coincidentally, the same artist (Tom Hodge, a.k.a. The Dude Designs) was used to create both film’s incredible movie posters.

Kool Kat of the Week: Madeline Brumby Battles Bikers ‘n’ Bigfoot in DEAR GOD NO!
10/12/11 Source: ATL Retro

As Halloween creeps close and THE WALKING DEAD returns to TV next Sunday, Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse (AZA) arises for its own second season with new sets and a new storyline at Safety Wolf, the vast paintball combat complex off Moreland Avenue, just south of I-285 (open Thurs.-Sun. nights through Oct. 31). Finally Madeline also will be up on the Plaza’s big screen later this month (Oct. 22-27) as one of the stars of DEAR GOD NO!, a hard-edged/no-holds-barred homage to ‘70s grindhouse features about a hellraising motorcycle gang, a mad scientist and a sasquatch on the rampage. Yeah, the name makes total sense when you see the movie!

REVIEW: ‘Dear God No! World Premiere’

9/14/11 Source: Atlanta Backbeat by Laura Jorgensen

Let’s face it, blowing up Atlanta’s Starlight Six Drive-In for work must’ve been pretty damn cool. I’d even be willing to bet that the film maker, cast and crew of Dear God No! had fun on most workdays – blowing up the drive-in, riding motorcycles, playing with fake blood and special effects, making jokes, and the gratuitous use of beards, boobs, and violence. Dear God No! held its World Premiere at the historic Plaza Theatre in Atlanta on Friday, September 9. Word of this locally-filmed and produced independent flick must have traveled fast because the sold out line wrapped around the building.

REVIEW: ‘Dear God No!’

9/13/11 Source: Son of Celluloid by Nathan Hamilton

A couple of weeks ago, in my review of the killer flick Dead Hooker in a Trunk, I talked about how the thing missing from a lot of the “grindhouse/drive-in/exploitation” throwbacks coming out lately is authenticity. I’m talking about authenticity in look and spirit. I’m talking about movies that understand that those flicks are about more than digitally added grain. Hobo With a Shotgun came close, but it still looked too much like a throwback instead of the genuine article. Dead Hooker in a Trunk didn’t go for the vintage look, but it had the spirit nailed down. Well folks, over the weekend I attended the world premiere of a flick that successfully captures both.

REVIEW: ‘Dear God No!’

9/10/11 Source: Couch Cutter by David Anthony

I literally just got home from the premiere of James Anthony Bickert’s “Dear God No!”. As any of our regular readers would know, I was in love with this film about a year ago when I first visited the set. But two of the producers literally took me to the side tonight and said “Be brutal.”

‘Dear God No!’ Gets a Premiere Date! Atlanta, You’re On Notice

8/17/11 Source: Brutal as Hell by Marc Patterson

I don’t know shit about The Plaza Theatre in Atlanta, GA but I’ll take David Anthony’s word for it. Over at the totally badass, take no bullshit website, David tells readers that “The Plaza Theatre is the oldest running independent movie theater in Atlanta. They play host to several famous monthly analog events such as Splatter Cinema, Taboo La-La, and the Silver Scream Spook Show“. That is all well and good, but all I can say in response is brace yourself Atlanta. You may have the Walking Dead, but now you have some angry bikers from hell to deal with!

DEAR GOD NO! World Premiere Set for Sept. 9 in Atlanta

8/17/11 Source: by David Anthony

Wow! It’s hard to believe we’ve been following this masterpiece since its production in November. Finally, the long-awaited, shot on Super 16mm film grindhouse epic “Dear God No!” is finally making its premiere on September 9 at the historic Plaza Theatre in Atlanta, Ga. And there really is no better place to do it. The Plaza Theatre is the oldest running independent movie theater in Atlanta. They play host to several famous monthly analog events such as Splatter Cinema, Taboo La-La, and the Silver Scream Spook Show.


8/17/11 Source: The Dude Designs

Dear god NO! Bikers, beards, boobs and big foot… what’s not to like!!!! I was first attracted to this project after the director James Bickeret contacted and told me how it was ‘Shot entirely on SUPER 16MM Fuji film and using equipment from the era’ which got the juices flowing as its a similar work ethic i have with the design work.


8/9/11 Source: TWITCH by Sean “The Butcher” Smithson

Lensed, by design, in glorious Super 16mm, to achieve a “heavily saturated image with some grain, to resemble drive-in classics like I Drink Your Blood”, Bickert and cinematographer Johnathan Hilton planned their low-rent asses off, then shot all the principle footage in a week.

Badass New Poster + Crazy Trailer for James Bickert’s ‘Dear God No!’
8/9/11 Source:

When the blood begins to flow, who will be left to scream. Ohh boy, this looks frickin’ crazy! I’m not sure where this came from, but Bloody-Disgusting has posted the trailer and poster, designed by Tom Hodge (he also did the Hobo With a Shotgun posters), for James Bickert’s Dear God No!

Another Amazing One-Sheet for Dear God No!
8/9/11 Source: Dread Central

Not since the Eighties has a single bit of artwork had us so pumped up for a movie. Hell, good artwork can get us to watch just about anything around these parts, and once you lay eyes on the latest one-sheet for the upcoming Sasquatchploitation flick Dear God No!, we’re sure you’ll agree.

The Dude Designs’ ‘Dear God No!’ Poster Promises Boobs, Bikers And Bigfoot
8/9/11 Source: Bloody Disgusting

Written and directed by James Anthony Bickert, Dear God No! promises good ol’ fashion murder and mayhem, with a killer creature thrown into the mix, which is why The Dude Designs is just the guy to create the poster! Like his Hobo and Father’s Day one-sheets, Dear God No! features a character compilation, reminding me of Tyler Stout’s layout presentation but not his style. Check out our exclusive look at the new poster below and get ready for to have less available wall space in your house.

‘Dear God No!’ Official Poster Revealed

8/9/11 Source:

Our buddy Thomas Hodge from The Dude Designs is at it again. He did poster work for “Hobo With A Shotgun”, “Father’s Day”, and now… “Dear God No!” From director James Bickert: “Dear God No! has everything and a kitchen sink. Boobs, blood, bikers and Bigfoot. It’s fast and nasty. We shot on Super 16mm so it was important the poster reflect that hand made quality of a 70’s regional drive-in film. Dude Design’s posters bring back a missing element of fun to the genre and that’s exactly what this film is about.”

Director talks Dear God No!

6/8/11 Source: Killer Film by Jon Peters

While it seems like since Rodriguez/Tarantino’s Grindhouse, a slew of other similar styled throwback films have cluttered up our appreciation of drive-ins, James Bickert’s upcoming biker/horror film Dear God No! is going to change that, giving us a loving “lost” film in the vein of Werewolves on Wheels. Killer Film caught up with the director, who’s in post-production finishing the score and sound mix as we speak, for the low down on what should be a fan favorite soon.

Interview: ‘Dear God No!’ Director James Bickert
6/3/11 Source: Brutal as Hell by Marc Patterson

Several days ago we showed off a killer trailer for a new gory exploitation flick called Dear God No! Immediately noticeable was the authentic feeling the trailer exuded. Whereas most modern grindhouse flicks are obvious homages, you’d be hard pressed to look at Dear God No! and point to anything in the trailer that indicated this film was made post-1985. Much in the same way that Ti West created The House of the Devil in such a realistic way that you truly believed it was a product of the 80’s, James Bickert went straight for the jugular by putting authenticity at the top of the importance pile.

PEEPHOLE INTERVIEW: James Bickert – Dear God No!
5/31/11 Source: Bad Ronald

BAD RONALD: First off, this film looks like it’ll be friggin’ balls out. So many films and filmmakers want to make these kinds of films, but they end up being metered and overly directed. To me, the beauty of these kinds of films are their imperfections… meaning that the filmmakers aren’t trying to adjust the mold by tweaking what they’ve seen in other films, and expecting their work to rise above. I like the films where you can see the filmmaker taking risks — real risks. Where did this idea spring from?

Another Bigfoot Movie?!? Dear God No!

5/31/11 Source: Dread Central

We can barely remember a time when Bigfoot was hotter. It seems as if every time that we turn around another indie flick starring the crypto-based beast makes its way on to our desks. The next one up? Dear God No!, which features Bigfoot vs. bikers and a shitload of other weirdness that has us grinning from ear-to-ear. Okay, interest officially piqued.

Dear God No! Dear God.. Yeah!!!

5/27/11 Source: Bad Ronald

I’m sick of watching all the youtube tributes to Grindhouse movies/trailers made by snot nosed brats with the digital HD cameras their momma bought them, and edited on the Jr. High media lab laptops with fancy ass “old film” filters.  When did this shit get so easy?!  Get the emo hair blob outa your ears, kids, and listen up.  Grindhouse is not a genre.  It’s a way of life.  It’s cheap.  It’s fast.  It’s wicked. Now, this is Grindhouse!!  Shot on 16mm.  Looking like warm shit rolled over it, and then shit on it. Bad acting.  Nekkid chicks with Nixon masks.  Dope fiends.  Drawn on Frankenstein stitches.  Bikers.  And Bigfoot!!  Dear God… Yeah!! Dear God No! looks like a complete dream come true for genre flicks.


Trailer: Dear God No!
5/26/11 Source: Killer Film

Remember the fallout of Easy Rider? A ton of exploitation flicks came afterwards due to the cultural and box office success of that film, but those days seem long gone now don’t they? Well, welcome those biker-exploitation films back with Dear God No!from director James Anthony Bickert. READ MORE

Dear God No! Grindhouse Horror!
5/26/11 Source: Viewer Discretion Advised

I know the grindhouse homage thing is so overdone now but I just cannot get enough of it – as long as it’s well-done, of course.QuietEarth tipped me off to a little film called, Dear God No!This independent grindhouse film follows a  motorcycle gang called “The Impalers” as they run amok, raping and murdering all over town.When they hide out in the Georgia Mountains, they soon face off with a flesh-eating machine in the forest.  READ MORE

Watch this trailer and you too will scream ‘Dear God No!
5/25/11 Source: Blogomatic 3000

The makers of the horror/sexploitation/grindhouse/biker film homage, Dear God No! have unleashed the official red band trailer. Director James Anthony Bickert shot the film entirely on Super 16mm film, using practical effects, and limited to technology of the era that the film is set in. READ MORE

DEAR GOD NO! Red Band Trailer *Not For The Weak Hearted*
5/24/11 Source: horror Bid

Here at we try to keep you updated on all the latest films, it doesn’t matter if the movie is mainstream or just some low budget independent flick…we’re here for one reason; to deliver as much goods to the Bidite Nation as possible. Today Director James Anthony Bickert has unleashed the Red Band Trailer for the upcoming horror movie Dear God No!. The flick can best be described as a unique exploration in grindhouse cinema, warning viewers that your mind will be violated! READ MORE

Bikers, Gang di Sexy Killer in Bikini, Scienziati pazzi e Bigfoot…questo è Dear God No! di James Bickert
5/24/11 Source: Splatter Container (Italian)

La Big World Pictures ed il suo alfiere James Bickert ci sbattono in faccia questo ultra weird B Exploitation Movie che già dalle premesse sembra proprio rappresentare una piccola chicca per ogni patito del genere. Il titolo è Dear God No!, ovvero Oh Mio Dio no!, che poi è quello che tutti noi esclameremo durante la sua visione. Ecco la trama. Un gruppo di bikers noti come The Impalers (non perdo nemmeno tempo a tradurvi che significa) si scontra con una gang rivale di sexy bastarde in bikini, le Satan’s Own. READ MORE

Exploitation Abound In Dear God No!
5/24/11 Source: The Lair of Filth

Manowar once sang about violence and bloodshed. If they had seen the trailer to Dear God No they might also have added in Bikers and Boobies! Check out the trailer below, although probably best not to do so at work or in front of the kids, and get your fill of all of the above. It looks like a blast! READ MORE

Dear God No! Trash horror at its sickest, most vile and depraved best
5/24/11 Source: Horror Cult Films (UK)

The poster claims this to be banned in 19 countries, so whether we get this in the UK is a big question that sadly I don’t know the answer to. I can’t find any info saying it will be released here, but I will keep my eyes peeled. Biker Gangs, you gotta love ‘em, and what a great idea for a pure trash horror that simply wants to disgust and upset the viewer. Too many horrors take themselves seriously these days, but don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the serious stuff, but it is nice to have a bit of a laugh now and again at some sick, depraved shit. READ MORE

Hunting down bikers is bloody fun business in DEAR GOD NO! trailer
5/24/11 Source: Quiet Earth

I’m getting a bit tired of the grindhouse movement which has been making a resurgence in the last few years. Just adding post production scratches to a ludicrous story just isn’t enough but on the upside, once in a while the genre spits out an entertaining little flick and Dear God No! might just be in that category. READ MORE

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Dear God No!’ Official Red Band Trailer!
5/24/11 Source: Couch Cutter

Even though it has been flying under the radar up to this point, we’ve been telling you about this unique exploration in grindhouse cinema since we visited the set last year. Now we are bringing you the official red band trailer for the first release from Big World Pictures, “DEAR GOD NO!”. READ MORE

‘Dear God No!’ Red Band Trailer!
5/24/11 Source: Horror Society

The makers of the horror/sexploitation/grindhouse/biker film homage, ”Dear God No!” has unleashed the official red band trailer.“The film follows an outlaw motorcycle gang known as “The Impalers” as they wind down a tri-state rape and murder spree. After a gruesome battle with rival club, “Satan’s Own”, the survivors hole up in a secluded cabin in the North Georgia Mountains. Taking advantage of what seems like easy marks for their depravity, the rough and tough Impalers soon find themselves struggling to survive the flesh-eating killing machine that lives in the forest. READ MORE

‘Dear God No’ Trailer Has Us Saying ‘Holy F**K, Yes!’
5/24/11 Source: Brutal As Hell (Mark Patterson)

Any jack off can (and will) make a horror flick with some cheap Wal-Mart special handy-cam. It takes a special sort of jack off to grab some good old 16mm and carve out a sickening and depraved tribute to Bikersploitation and Ozploitation all wrapped up into one oozing good time. The guys behind Dear God No are those kind of jack off’s. And I must say – I like it. I like it a lot. Hell – I like them. My kind of people! READ MORE

New bikersploitation flick “Dear God No!” kicks it old-school
5/24/11 Source: Cinesploitation (Greg B.)

Our boys over at got the exclusive on a new exploitation film mash-up of bikersploitation and horror complete with tons of tits and ass. The movie was shot entirely on 16mm film and uses only practical effects for the heaps of gore. The plot is pretty straight forward; a 1%er gang called the Impalers have their hell raising interrupted by another gang called Satan’s Own and a battle ensues. After taking an ass-kicking, the Impalers take refuge in a cabin in the woods only to be stalked and hunted by a flesh eating monster. Okay, so it’s not so straight forward, but it sounds damn interesting. READ MORE

‘Dear God No!’ is coming – retro biker & revenge all in 1
1/8/11 Source:

If you haven’t heard of ‘Dear God No!’ yet, you are not alone. DGN is quite possibly the best kept genre secret out there right now. It is a retro biker-rape-revenge film… With a dash of Bigfoot. Helmed by “Dumpster Baby” director, James Bickert, DGN is throwback to everything that makes movies cool. A high-concept, practical effects driven (read: little to zero CGI) thriller that would make some of the founding Ozploitation directors shit their pants. READ MORE

On the set of ‘Dear God No!’
11/8/10 Source: by David Anthony

You know that you’re in for an interesting evening when you are invited to a joint called “Billy Bob’s New Secrets” to discuss a filmmaker’s latest project. And it’s fitting, considering what I have already seen while visiting the set of “Dear God No!”. DGN is a 70′s style biker rape-revenge film with a twist concocted by James Bickert (“Dumpster Baby”), Shane Morton (“Silver Scream Spookshow”, “Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse“), and Nick Morgan (“Chambers of Horror“). These three guys have been planning to unleash this film on to the world for the better part of two years… And now it is filmed and heading into post-production. READ MORE